The Applied Genomics Initiative (AGI) is enabling translational research and real-world decision making by providing high quality genomic assets in the environment, conservation, agriculture, health, biosecurity, and ecotoxicology domains.

We take advantage of ever advancing high throughput sequencing technology to deliver reference genomes and large-scale diversity (functional, ecological and population/evolutionary genomics) datasets in a timely and high throughput fashion. This digital transformation of biology enables new insights and applied outcomes.

While it has never been easier to generate copious amounts of DNA and RNA based data, there are significant barriers to analysis, interpretation, and presentation of these data for use by decision makers. This is especially true for non-model organisms and each data set and reference genome begins a research and impact journey for that species.

Genome assemblies

In close collaboration with CSIRO High Performance Computing, AGI has optimized and designed semi-automated and high throughput workflows to improve the efficiency of genome assemblies. This optimization has reduced genome assembly time frames from several months to a few days and as a result we have been able to assemble over 100 genomes in 2022 alone.

Diversity datasets

The future of understanding a species is whole genome sequencing of many individuals and in the last 12 months AGI has sequenced over 4000 individual samples within various species for both pangenome, population level characterisation and understanding functional attributes derived from genomics analysis.

Enterprise automation

Sequencing data generation is more accessible and economical than ever before; that is not the case with analytics.

AGI is now developing reliable automation and easy-to-use analytical user experiences in Genome assembly, RNA sequencing, population genomics, omics-guided risk assessments and synthetic biology.